Get more from the summer holidays.

The complete athlete experience.

From 1-5 July, Train to play are hosting 5 day summer camps that offer top sports, fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching to 11-18 year olds in Bangkok.

Built on a foundation of sport and exercise science, each camp is a unique experience of sport, health and fitness, that gives key takeaway skills participants can use at home and in training.

Focusing on the 4 pillars to success (Training, Nutrition, Mindset and Recovery), participants will take part in practical workshops, to improve their performance, fitness, nutrition and mindset, as well as learning how to help prevent injury.

Why Join?

Unlock your potential the Train to Play way.


Learn the skills and knowledge needed to take your performance to the next level.


Surround yourself with other top athletes and coaches in a motivating training environment  


Learn key take away skills you can use at home and in your own training.

Meet the team.

A community of professional coaches striving to help young athletes.

Between us we have decades of experience and understand what it takes to unlock your potential.